“Chin Chilli Day”: Las Vegas minus the gambling

Watch this:

Yes, they are cute. No, I don’t know how they got the guns. But did you notice anything else? That was a commercial for Las Vegas, the city of sin and debauchery, and there was not one mention of gambling, guns, girls or gross indiscretion.

The image of Las Vegas is truly changing, and this evolution interests me.

I watched another commercial earlier that advertised a deal for a few-nights-stay at Treasure Island. The commercial highlighted the buffet, pirates, Cirque du Soleil and the plush, luxurious rooms.

I told my mom that they sure seemed to be trying hard. Her reply was that people didn’t have the money these days to just gamble it away. Then it hit me.

NOT ONCE DID IT SHOW THE CASINO. The commercial was selling the aspects of Las Vegas that you could guarantee to get your money’s worth.

Interesting… Way to play up your good points, Treasure Island. I thought it was an awesome idea.

By high-lighting the rooms, food and shows, a person can completely forget that part of the reason people go to Las Vegas is for the gambling and night-long drinking. If all you wanted was dinner and a show, then why not go to Los Angeles or New York? At least they are coastal. You have to be able to do something in desert that you can’t do anywhere else, and that thing is gambling, i.e., Las Vegas.

Does anyone else find this interesting?


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