The 3rd of July Rolls Into a Night Out in Brighton for the 4th of July

Have you ever heard of or eaten at Nandos? It apparently is a well-known restaurant, and Fi is under the impression that it’s an American chain that’s come over here.

Chicken pita, spicy rice and hot sauce go well together.

Anyway, we ate their last night after Fi got off of work. Nandos is known for its peri-peri chicken, so of course I had to try the chicken – Yes, I ate meat. It was really good and really well-priced. For a pita and spicy rice, I only had to hand over £6.50.

After dinner we decided to go on a proper pub crawl. While heading to the first one, we walked near the seafront.

A gaggle of girls walks by Fi and me while on our journey. Sailor outfits were one of many themes we saw Saturday.

The Brighton attitude was well-represented. It was quite colorful, visually and culturally. I think alcohol sales were up. Take a look.

We started off at Fishbowl, which is a pub Nick, Kyle, Fi, Daniel and I went to during my last week in Brighton in fall 2008. It felt so good to be back there and sitting in the same booth as the previous time. This pub’s theme is awesome. The interior is painted with a blue-teal color and decorated with paintings of aquatic life. There is even a massive fishbowl with goldfish in it near the downstairs bar. It was also nice to see that the pub still employs “really fit bar men.”

Fishbowl is on East Street in Brighton.

Next we headed over to the Font, a pub that had been converted into a sports bar. I really liked this place. The Spain vs. Paraguay game was on and there was so many English people. After one drink, Fi wasn’t impressed with the crowd. It was pretty populated and the potential for rowdiness was apparent. We decided to hit the final stop on our venture, Pav Tav.

It is always nice to go there, but this time started off a little differently. A pool table was there, and I asked if I could get in on a game. The guys who were playing said to put down £1 on the table, which meant that after the next £3 were gone, I could play.

This is CCTV's view. Big Brother is protecting us.

I agreed and he said to watch my £1. So while I sipped on a whiskey coke, a rowdy 40-something man walked up and took my £1 to play pool. I told him that was my pound, and he start go off on me saying that it was his turn and that it was his money.

I was shocked. I had never been met with confrontation before in England, and I was only doing what the guys who had the table told me to do. They started to get upset with guy, so I walked up, took a pound off the table – the one that I knew was his – and said forget it. I was so embarrassed. After that gentleman’s game against the guys, they walked up and apologized to me, calling the 40-something a cunt.

Fi and I sat here at Fishbowl almost 18 months ago.

In the end, I got my turn and represented well. Rando would have been a little disappointed, but hey, I was playing with smaller balls and a new set of rules. It was just as fun though.

We made new friends that night and Kane ended up joining us. At midnight, I bought a round of cheap vodka shots and cheered to the 4th of July. They had no respect for the holiday, but I didn’t care. I was happy to be celebrating.

It is always a bit weird to celebrate an American holiday in the UK, but it is interesting at the same time.

Because it was July 3, I had to take a picture of this diner that serves American food and was blaring The Beatles as we walked by. Hello, Elvis. Is this where you've been?

I had to explain what we were celebrating, and that’s when they remembered what the holiday was about. I apologized for my people leaving but was sure to mention that despite our past differences, we spoke the same language.

It was a great 3rd of July that rolled into a great 4th of July. Thank you to all of you who made that possible, and to my American friends: Happy 4th of July. I miss you and wish I was floating, drinking and BBQing with you.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I am pretty nervous and sure that the work permit discussion is going to come up. Let’s hope this goes well.


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One Response to The 3rd of July Rolls Into a Night Out in Brighton for the 4th of July

  1. Anna says:

    I am not a fan of that 40-something-year old!! I would have been very upset if the men playing hadn’t apologized. What a douche!

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