World Cup

Tonight I watched Spain beat Uruguay in the World Cup final game, and it was awesome.

After thinking that I was going to end up sitting at home watching it by myself, or even worse, with two people who didn’t like football, I got a call from Jon and decided to meet him down at the Marina. It was nice to get out of the house.

Jon is enjoying the pillows at Karma.

We went to Karma, a bar with an India-Taj Mahal type of theme going on. It was lovely. Jon and I got a booth that had loads of pillows lining the sides and the booth faced a giant screen. We could see everything.

It was quite the experience watching the World Cup at an English bar with an English mate. I felt way out of my element but at home at the same time. Maybe I’ve been here just long enough to feel comfortable in my own skin living with the English and be the outsider experiencing the inside. I understood the importance of this event – every person in the bar had chosen a side and was cheering. Even a local celebrity, a TV presenter, showed up.

It’s an odd feeling of acceptance. My novelty has worn off and now, well, I’m Marcia. I’m here.

Congrats Spain! I knew you could do it, and thank you for putting the game into overtime. That made it even more exciting.

Here is a video of the impromptu party that took place in the park near Churchill Square and the Royal Pavillion. It was loud and there must have been more than 300 people there. Red and yellow were the choice colors, and beer was in high demand. It was epic.


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