Through the “Rabbit Hole” and onto Kensington Street – Graffiti Art

I decided to get lost in Brighton this afternoon. I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to see, but I knew that if I just walked down Lewes Road, I’d find something.

After getting through The Level, I found myself about 10 minutes from downtown. There was a street to my right that I hadn’t gone down before.

The doorway was quite small.

Turning right on a whim, I took out my camera and proceeded on. My camera distracted me for a second, but something caught my eye. I stopped and looked behind me. Gloucester Passage? What was this? What was on the other side?

The other end didn’t look welcoming, but I decided to walk through and see what I could find. A parking area was on the other side. It seemed a bit boring and disappointing but I decided to keep going.

I found a teapot on the wall.

When I reached the corner, I realized what I had found. I was in The North Laine. I hadn’t been there before, and my curiosity told me that I should keep walking. I saw a shop, JuJu, and walked toward it. When I reached it, I surveyed my surroundings. And to my surprise, this is what I found when I took a left on to Kensington Street.

And down the Rabbit Hole we go.

Brighton, you still surprise me.

I searched the Internet for information on these pieces of art and who their creators are, but I could find anything. If you do, please let me know. I’d love to gain an even greater appreciation for what I captured this afternoon.

Someone felt a tribute to James Brown was necessary.

"He's too strong. We can't stop him." "That's because he's the godfather."

A master at his game. Check out the chess pieces.

And here's a close up. The last picture was for context.

The next buildings offered even more.

This is on the side of the wall that is between the Chess Master and Smurf art.

This is one of my favorite paintings of the day.

"Nobody move. Nobody get smurf...

Meet Badass Smurf. He does too much coke, listens to hardcore rap and techno and obviously means business.

I wish that section was still there.

I love this so much it's the new laptop wallpaper.

Look at the spelling of "Laine." I thought it was interesting.

It was a great afternoon. I don’t know if this is new, it’s awesome. Upon further exploring, I found a place called The White Rabbit. I think I might go check it out right now and see where the night takes me.

I’m in England after all. There’s no point staying at home in an empty flat. =)


About mmmiller05

If Marcia Miller had to pick up everything and leave, then she'd make sure to grab a few things before she left. First, the duffel bag is a must, followed by her laptop and iPod. She grabs her journal next, along with every CD she owns - just in case. Miller pulls off the pictures and concert tickets that adorn her walls. A towel is going to be handy too - this she learned from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Finally, she grabs a handful of pens and her trusty AP Stylebook, throws her duffel back over her back and picks up her purse. Closing the door behind her, she leaves her apartment, heads down the stairs and... Well, Miller heads to your office because she's ready to do a job. She is ready to move at a moment's notice, write what needs to be written, edit what needs to be edited, promote what you think the world needs to know about. Miller's got the personality, the skills and the spunk to succeed in any situation. She's not afraid of trying new things or getting her feet wet. Her moto: If an opportunity doesn't present itself, then create one.
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