Manchester, Chinatown, Scallops and the People’s History Museum

Originally written August 8, 2010.

So as you may be able to tell, I went to Manchester during this last week.

Manchester is about 200 miles away from Brighton.

Why Manchester? Well, why not Manchester? This city is No. 3 on a list of top 10 cities to visit in England and rightfully so.

This city has character. It isn’t your typical tourist town. It definitely is more of a locals’ town (and by locals, I mean business people of and in the UK).

My view as I walked toward The John Rylands Library.

It’s busy. It’s cloudy. There were a few tourist attractions, which as you know I went to, but the predominant sights were the buildings and overall structure of the city. It was so easy to get around and many of the buildings were eye-catching.

I started off by finding a hostel. I’d read about one online before leaving on my journey and decided to go there. It’s called Hatters Hostel, and it was probably the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at. I recommend this chain to anyone.

Hatters Hostel

After that and a little bit of research using the hostel’s free Wi-Fi, I went to The John Rylands Library and then the People’s History Museum Wednesday. I attempted to get to the Manchester United field but time didn’t permit. But let me tell you about this museum, which I went to on the recommendation of a Canadian who had been there the day prior.

The People’s History Museum gives you the history of people in England from the 1850s, I think, to the present. It was really entertaining to

Banners were popular.

Banners were popular and were used at meetings and protests.

learn about the struggles and accomplishments of the English people. In school, I learned about what the English king tried to do to “Americans” and the Boston Tea Party, taxes, etc. I learned about the struggles for the right to vote by both American men and women, and the clashes between rich and poor. But I hadn’t learned about English citizens’ fight to vote and what people went through. Smuggling newspapers in coffins just to disseminate a message? – Brillant!

I even got to make a button! It was fun.

My button! "I went to Manchester."

Thank you nice guy that worked at the museum who helped me make my button. I couldn’t figure out the machinery that was 6-year-old friendly. Sorry, America. But if you do go to Manchester, go to this museum. It’s free, not hard to find and really educational, and you can go through the whole museum in about two hours. Oh, and it’s interactive and kid-friendly – but I guess not 23-year-old-friendly.

After that, I used my handy-dandy Urbanspoon application on my BlackBerry to find a restaurant to go to. It suggested a Chinese restaurant in Manchester’s Chinatown. When I got

Very San Francisco-like, huh?

there, I was bombarded by Chinese food restaurant after Chinese food restaurant. I settled on Fu’s Chinese Restaurant.

Deciding to be a bit adventurous, I ordered things that I hadn’t ever ordered before. The scallop was so good. A bit chewy in some parts, but the sauce canceled out anything negative.

It was almost like tapas. Isn't it pretty?! I kept the shell.

I recommend you order it.

My night ended with drinking with a French lad, a young man from the Caribbean and a guy from Argentina. Needless to say, we were a diverse bunch. I felt very lucky that English is the “universal” language. I would think it would be Spanish, but yes, it is English.

At the end of the day, I just want to give it  up to Google Maps, Urbanspoon and Foursquare. Those applications made traveling in Manchester a lot easier. Google Maps helped me find Sinclair’s Oyster Bar,

If you look at the bottom left corner, you can see a couple walking toward the wheel together who had just met up. It was a great moment to capture.

which provided me with the view of the ferris wheel at night. If you don’t have those applications on your phone while traveling somewhere on a whim, download them. You will be happy.

Manchester, I will be back! I think it would be an easier place to find a job there. London and Brighton are tourist cities. Manchester might take me a little bit more seriously.

And until then, I just have to show you guys this. Now, this might be something that is a bit weird to take a

OK. I know I'm odd.

picture of, but it was necessary. This is a pretty cool hand dryer. You put your hands in the little hand area, and soap comes out. Wait of  after the that and then water comes out. After the water stops, air starts to come out. It’s completely automatic. How cool!


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