Starting a New Year

Happy New Year!

The salutation is a bit late, but the sentiment is still the same. Every year I feel as if it takes the entire month of January to get me ready for the new year. I swear I am still writing 2010 when I write the date.

This year, this feeling is very relevant. The month of January has brought a lot of changes. It was the month that my internship ended. It is the month of 2011 that I will probably be unemployed. It’s the month that I spent an entire week in Las Vegas, and this time it was with a friend.

Tom and Rae moved in together this month. I put red back in my hair. And finally, the most exciting of all, I cleaned out my Gmail inbox!

Wow, that’s a lot of activities, and there is still a few days left. Unfortunately I don’t think I did anything that was on my bucket list. On the other hand, cleaning out that inbox should have been on there.

I remember Megan Alley exclaiming at the size of my inbox in May. I can only image what she’d say if she saw what it became while I was abroad.

OK. I’m ending this post. I’m exhausted and this green tea is not kicking in.

On a final note, this post was for you, Megan Alley. I won’t let my inbox get like that again!



About mmmiller05

If Marcia Miller had to pick up everything and leave, then she'd make sure to grab a few things before she left. First, the duffel bag is a must, followed by her laptop and iPod. She grabs her journal next, along with every CD she owns - just in case. Miller pulls off the pictures and concert tickets that adorn her walls. A towel is going to be handy too - this she learned from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Finally, she grabs a handful of pens and her trusty AP Stylebook, throws her duffel back over her back and picks up her purse. Closing the door behind her, she leaves her apartment, heads down the stairs and... Well, Miller heads to your office because she's ready to do a job. She is ready to move at a moment's notice, write what needs to be written, edit what needs to be edited, promote what you think the world needs to know about. Miller's got the personality, the skills and the spunk to succeed in any situation. She's not afraid of trying new things or getting her feet wet. Her moto: If an opportunity doesn't present itself, then create one.
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